About GB

THE MISSION GlassBandit makes glass recycling convenient and affordable for homes and businesses in the greater Kansas City area.

CURBSIDE SERVICE GlassBandit will provide you with an 18-gallon curbside recycling bin at no cost. You can fill that bin with as much glass, and only glass, as you want.

GlassBandit will pick the glass up from your curbside every other week. See Pickup Calendar for dates.


GlassBandit safely delivers your glass to a glass recycling facility (i.e. Ripple Glass) to be recycled for a variety of purposes.


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COMMERCIAL SERVICE GlassBandit picks up glass for businesses, municipalities, HOAs, apartments, and more. Fill out your information here, and we'll design a plan around your needs.

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THE OWNER My name is Jamie Arnold and I started GlassBandit in July 2014, because I believed there needed to be an affordable and convenient way for people to recycle their glass.

The name GlassBandit was thought of by my wife, Grace. The GlassBandit mascot is our dog, Nancy. Nancy is a happy and well-behaved mutt. She loves squeaky toys and chasing squirrels.


If you have any questions about GlassBandit, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Jamie Arnold