Get Free Pickup for 1 Year. Think there are at least 12 people out there that would like GlassBandit? Help them get signed up, and we'll give you free pickup for 12 months.
Bring GB to Your Neighborhood. GlassBandit typically needs enough interest from an area before beginning service there. GB Ambassadors help gather that interest, bringing curbside glass recycling to their neighborhood sooner.
How's It Work? We'll give you a custom GlassBandit signup link that you can share with your friends, family, neighbors, etc. When 12 or more people sign up using the link, you will receive free pickup for 1 year.
Other Rules. Anyone in a current service area that signs up with your link will count toward your goal. Anyone outside of a current service area will count when we begin service in their area. For new neighborhoods, please note we may need more than 12 signups before beginning service.

Thank you! We'll get back to you soon.

GlassBandit Ambassador

Ambassador Testimonials.

"Becoming a GB Ambassador was super easy. It took less than a day to get my personal link set up and we fulfilled the required sign ups within a few days using our neighborhood Facebook page only. Within a couple weeks we had our first curbside pick up. Our neighborhood was excited to receive this service; so much so that our neighboring neighborhood joined in also. GB makes it extremely easy to sign up and get started.  A free year as an ambassador was an added bonus.  Huge Thank You to Jamie and the GB family!"

- Michael of KCMO